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Easy Guitar Songs: Learn Acoustic Guitar Top 40

April 1st, 2010 by Salto Lazzaro | Filed in learn guitar on

When you learn to play acoustic guitar it’s good to learn all the different techniques as well as practice as many songs as possible. If you are starting out it can be a bit overwhelming to choose which songs to learn first that’s why I have some guitar songs I want to you to have a look at.

The first song that I normally teach my beginner students is “Stand By Me”. I cannot remember the artist right now but I presume everybody knows the track very well anyway. The great thing about this song is that uses a simple turn around (I VI IV V) in the key of A for the Intro, Verse and Chorus while the melody is changing in every section. The same turn around is used in quite a number of songs so once you know it you will be able to play a few songs already. Some of the most popular once are “Every Breath You Take” by the Police, “Lonely” by Ikon, “I Believe I can Fly” just to name a few.

Bob Dylan is one of those composers that has been writing good songs using just few simple chords. I would advice to learn a few of his songs as well when starting out. He had many huge hits and many well known singers have covered his music over the last few decades, including Guns & Roses and Jimi Hendrix. Some of the title I recommend are: Blowing In The Wind, All Along The Watch Tower and Knocking On Heaven’s Door.

There are also a few british band you should know and the Beetles are probably the first one. Even if their music is not always that simple to play, they do have some easy guitar songs in their catalog as well. A couple of titles you should definitely know are: Let It Be, Michelle, Yesterday and Here Comes The Sun. They do use quite a bit of 7th & sus chords so I suggest you get a chord book that shows you the open chord shapes at least.

U2 and Cold Play are also very famous bands with a very simple way of writing. If you look carefully you will find plenty easy guitar songs in their catalog you can learn. Some of the most popular tracks are: Where The Streets Have No Name, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Clocks, Viva La Vida.

These are just a few song you can start with but look around and you’ll find plenty easy guitar songs you can learn to play on acoustic guitar. Hope this helps!

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