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How To Tune Instruments To The Solfeggio Scale

July 16th, 2011 by Charlie Jonn | Filed in guitar

Here are share with you instructions on tuning a variety of instruments to the Solfeggio frequencies. First, you should learn about 528Hz tuning.

Read the http://www.LOVE528.com site. This resource, and the on-line forum for musicians, provides great information for your head and heart. You will learn about revelations accelerating your intuition and creative inspiration. Most importantly, begin ?playing with the numbers? (3s, 6s, 8s, and 9s) in everything you do, especially re-tuning and playing your instruments.

It is very easy to tune various stringed instrument to the Solfeggio scale. Just use a professional adjustable guitar tuner and set it to 444Hz. Then tune it as normal. If you want to try another way, just download the 528Hz tone generator for free. (IMPORTANT: This may take a while, because of size of the file). Generate the tone of 528Hz on-line and tune your 1st string at 8th fret to the sound you have generated.

For instrument tuning I recommend to get a 528Hz tuning fork or even whole Solfeggio tuning fork set. Distributors like Healthy World Distributing provide great forks at affordable price. Call them if you are interested in buying the set

If you are keyboard player, you can easily re-tune your instrument to the Solfeggio frequencies. The keyboard calibrates to 444Hz by default. Generally, all synthesizers available on the market can be set to 444Hz with the highest precision. When 528Hz is played through a tone generator into the chromatic tuner, 444Hz registered as C6. Playing on your re-tuned instrument creates harmony and gives you ability to experience perfect rhythm.

Solfeggio frequencies and the Love 528Hz frequency are now globally recognized as a way to connect your heart with pure harmony of sound. When you are using them, you are in tune with your creative spirit.

Learn more about ancient tunings at Solfeggio frequencies site. Download and listen to Solfeggio frequencies mp3 before you start using 528Hz.

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